Although they work in a wide range of industries, bucket truck users tend to demand the same sorts of things from their equipment. Enough in the way of extension and load capacity, of course, tend to be fundamental requirements, as an aerial bucket truck that falls short in these regards can easily be seen as useless. Beyond that, operators and users look for features like easy inspection, typically thanks to improved access, tractable, well-designed control systems, basic reliability, and low costs of operation.

When the right mix of these traits is delivered, the result tends to be more productive time spent in the field. It might be thought that bucket truck designers would have been unanimous in focusing in on these goals and achieving them, but the reality is a bit different. In fact, the quality of the available offerings varies quite a bit, in practice, with a fair number of trucks failing to live up to these virtually universal requirements.

On the other hand, a handful of companies stand out as having clearly identified these needs and dedicated themselves to serving them. garage lift storage system and Versalift are a couple of those most clearly in this group, with each having achieved some impressive things with their bucket trucks in recent years.

The Versalift VST family, for example, has become widely regarded as a prime example of how to address the real needs of the average user. With a range of booms, each suited to jobs requiring particular amounts of extension and load capacity, the whole line has become seen as successful, with no one of the individual models standing out as less of an accomplishment.

That makes the trucks of this range some of the most popular of all at Aerial Bucket Truck Rental companies today, in addition to being top sellers to those who prefer to acquire their own assets. In both cases, users appreciate the way that the manufacturer and its designers have identified the most common needs and focused so intently on filling them, while also sticking to sound, proven engineering principles at the same time.

In some other industries, this kind of thinking might be thought of as too pedestrian and perhaps lacking in vision. When it comes to bucket trucks, though, it turns out that it is often an intense focus on the fundamentals that serves end users the best. While special new features and technologies are often welcomed, they also sometimes turn out to be less than useful when appearing on trucks that are lacking in the basics.